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Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogger's Diary

Dear Ivor

You may have stumbled across something for our Economic Heads to get their teeth into. The JAK Bank principle of a mandatory saving element incorporated into a monthly payment against borrowings does seem extremely sensible. A solution to debt dependency?

Speaking of dependency I am pleased to see that Gordon has rejected the minimum charge on a unit of alcohol in England. Whilst I acknowledge the misery that excessive consumption can have on individuals, their families and friends, and the health and social implications, I was a little concerned about the motivation behind this suggestion.

The NHS bill for alcohol abuse is an estimated £2.7bn a year. The bill for tackling weight related problems is £4.2bn. Should this scheme have been passed it could have led the way for a minimum charge per gram of fat or salt content in food items? Perhaps a set levy could then be introduced for stiletto heel heights per cm, higher heels command higher prices to fund the £29m surgical costs for damaged feet? Where would it have ended?

Still Scotland seems to be forging ahead, it will be very interesting to see the effects of the charging structure, could lead to cross border booze cruises or a boom in internet shopping?

I must admit I am trying to veer away from politics today. After listening to an extract on Radio 4 of Chris Mullins diary am completely convinced that the country is run by incompetent egotists with little conscience and absolutely no accountability! It is no wonder that the political scene is strewn with carcases of failed initiatives and budget deficits. Am feeling too cross and despondent to comment!

Instead of my usual limited political observations, thought I would let you know how the dinner party at Andrea’s went on Saturday night. As promised I gave her your excuses, I don’t think she suspected anything, and as requested did not divulge our blogging foray to anyone. Robin was also under strict orders to keep stum or else.

Whilst sitting at the table mopping up odd bits of conversation to my right and left I had a moment of clarity, absolutely no one present was interested in politics, the environment or the state of our education system. From the usual source there was the ongoing progeny one-upmanship, allotment tips and tricks, which you could have contributed to, sexual innuendo, which you also could have contributed to, and the most mind numbing exchange of views on the cost of car servicing. There was a minor comment on the economic crisis however this was soon extinguished by far more stirring and animated remarks concerning joint problems.

Even my valiant attempts at an early exit were thwarted by Robin’s antics with a stick-on moustache and his insistence on a nightcap at 2:30 in the morning!

What has happened to me, not only do I spend far too much time on the computer I have also lost the tenuous connection between myself and a group of people with whom I thought I shared common interests. How wrong can you be!

Poll x

Ps Think I need a meeting of like minds!