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Friday, March 06, 2009

Custard Sigh

Dear Ivor

I have retrieved your banished sandals from the garden and given them a bit of a brush up, you never know in years to come how much an historical virtual PM’s footwear may be worth. Have you still got your old specs?

Although I can appreciate the underlying principles of Plane Stupid’s activist Leila Deen, I must admit I winced a little at the green custard throwing incident. I am certainly no fan of Peter Mandelson and think that his green credentials are as credible as Jeremy Clarkson claiming to be sorry about his disparaging remarks on Gordon Brown’s leadership skills.

However peaceful protest and informed debate should not be considered as standing back. The mere words of the late Gordon Wilson had a more powerful impact on attitudes in Northern Ireland than any aggressive retaliation could have achieved.

Acts of violence simply delay dialogue and shift the focus. Climate change resolution is too important to be reduced to a pie throwing competition.

Poll x