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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Democracy rules ok?

Dear Ivor

No doubt you are limbering up your vocal chords in preparation for the match on Saturday. In this instance I am afraid the green, green grass of home is more of the emerald variety for me. Come on O’Driscoll!

Just when I thought the ineptitude of our politicians had reached a peak along comes David Lammy. I am aghast but immune to surprise.

However I blame myself for believing in part the rhetoric of politicians and not peeking behind the fa├žade of slick smoozing for substance, skills and experience. For being influenced by promises and not facts, for relinquishing my ideals for their ambitions, forgoing realism in favour of hype, the list goes on. I stand admonished and not a little pi**ed off.

My eyes have been prised open to what I suspected, but I must admit avoided, that our political masters keep us preoccupied with petty and unnecessary bureaucracy so that we have little time for scrutiny of their activities. We have taken the continuation of our democracy for granted and assumed that government by “The People” involved an exclusive group only.

The “Yes Minister” culture, wryly recounted through Chris Mullin’s diary, pervades the corridors of Portcullis house with in the main public acceptance, along with it seems petty criminals. Avoidance of collective responsibility for the continuing evolvement of our democratic process appears to outweigh our desire for change.

Unfortunately the very adversarial nature of our political system facilitates those who would rule and not those who would govern.

What are you doing on the 28th March? Fancy putting the people back onto the democratic agenda.

Poll x