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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Drastic Action

Go Leila!

It was custard, nothing more sinister. And yes it was an invasion of his personal space. It was an assault...on his senses.

I know it breaks your heart to hear that Mandy's Savile Row suit may be a challenge for the drycleaners but I feel you've missed the point. It is not about whether Leila was right or wrong but rather WHY she did it? Most of us are happy to idly sit and moan about the ineffeciencies of our politicians. But, if the third runway was going to plough through your father's grave, what would you do after your letter-writing and petitions were cast aside? If democratic measures were functioning effectively, then she would not have needed to resort to custard. Why doesn't Mandy take the upper hand and offer Leila an opportunity to exchange views? Let's guess, she'll be arrested and prosecuted.......and Lord Mandelson? Mmmmm thought so!

Guess what? I don't want a third runway either. I would like immediate solutions in place that address the very real issue that is climate change. I've campaigned to no avail, written a letter (still unanswered) to Ed Miliband, signed petitions, hooned millions of paper aeroplanes in peaceful you think my government has taken note?

Ivor X

PS How do you make custard again?