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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flick the Switch


Just stumbled upon this little reminder of the lack of integrity so often demonstrated by our politicians. Is it any wonder that Labour does not have the voting public in support? Could someone please remind me why the third runway is going ahead?

Since active demonstration is the only option when consultation is a sham and democratic voice is ignored....tomorrow offers a second opportunity to deliver the climate change message. At 8.30pm it's lights out for Earth Hour 2009. Don't be embarrassed if you hadn't noticed too much publicity. I have googled local news reports on participation in Edinburgh and Scarborough (along with the rest of the world) but in the main, the UK press campaign appears to be as feeble as our goverment's effort to tackle climate change.

So whilst Vancouver, San Francisco, Sydney, India, Norway and many other countries get behind the great Switch Off...even The Guardian has attempted to dampen British enthusiasm. Well this is one vote I intend to get behind as it will actually have some tangible effect....if only a symbolic declaration of the strength of individual feeling towards tackling global warming. Take some candles to Hyde Park Polly and we can Vote Earth together. I have a feeling we won't be alone....

Didn't notice 10 Downing Street in the list? Well I'm 'flicking the switch' with pride....anyone able to pull the plug on political ineptitude whilst we are at it?

Be ready early Polly, I've been tinkering with the tandem and it may take us awhile to get there....

Big Kisses,
Ivor X