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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hole in the Soul


Just a quick blog as I'm not doing politics at the moment...too disillusioned.

As for drinking, which I am doing at the moment....though not excessively (damn those Irish kicks) ....I feel once again the critical point has been overlooked. Instead of imposing increases on the price of alcohol I can't help thinking that we should be asking WHY we all enjoy getting so tanked up....especially the middle classes. Never really given it much rational thought before today!!

Was at the local Angling Club 'Cheese and Wine' yesterday and noticed Vanessa knocking back the Fitou with gusto. I have a sneaky feeling the price was not influential in her choice and certainly did not inhibit the speed of attack. This binge-drinking phenomenon is about our state of mind and not the price of Alco-Pops. More than one third of British boozers sign up to excess....and we ought to be questioning what drives us to drink. We are a nation of bingers and we consider alcohol to be a socially acceptable drug...that 2 in 5 people need to consume to make love. (How do you hold your pint at the same time?) From experimentation to enjoyment, to drinking to cope then drinking to survive. It all comes back to the 'Hole in our Soul' as Dr McPhillips at the Priory purports. And he ought to know. I have an uncanny notion that he also knows Vanessa who, after her third glass of wine, officially earned the status of binge-drinker.

If we act fast we too can find out too if we 'belong' to the club...hic!

Back to my Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted...before they put the price up!

Ivor X