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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In loco parentis?

Dear Ivor

My keyboard silence of late, although probably welcome was not as you might have thought due to a fit of pique, but more of the power surge variety rendering my computer bust!

I have now borrowed a laptop from James and am back, not a little reluctantly, online.

My absence from all things Google did undoubtedly have its benefits. After all googling does attract a foreshortened day, as the hours spent online disappear far more quickly than those spent on other activities, like the more lucrative paid employment! A sense of exasperation with the human race and especially politicians dissipates slightly when the world of blogdom is not at your finger tips and I was sorely tempted to leave the laptop unopened. Would I be missed by our hoards of followers or just by you?

However a bit like your reference to the temptation of hoppy beverages, I have been drawn back into this dark browsing world (perhaps I should open the curtains), further pyjama clad mornings beckon with a hazy memory of life before blogging, endless coffee, when I should be totting up my 5 a day, and the temptation of chocolate never far from my mind. That, your continuing good nature and the odd bit of catharsis thrown in for good measure, drives me onwards but possibly not upwards.

This morning’s dawdle through news articles and my re-acquaintance with Lobbydog and his mates has reaffirmed my belief that the government is well and truly on the back foot. When stories head the news like, Government to track facebook friends, you just know they are desperate to be diverted to the more mundane. That and the proposal to pay grandparents to look after their grandchildren are far more manageable than the odd trillion of debt. Whilst on this subject do you think I might be able to claim something for the dog, after all, technically speaking, Edwina is yours and I am only acting in loco parentis?

The hideous task of book balancing must start with the balancers themselves. They have warned us that things will be difficult, however at the moment this statement appears to be applied exclusively to the private sector. We need to see some gestures that they too are on board the titanic task of getting this country back into the black, or even the grey would do. I have a sinking feeling that they have been rendered inert by the enormity of the task and the precariousness of their own positions in government. Tough decisions need to be taken from the top down, starting with the emotive MP expenses saga, recognition of the additional debt of the hugely under funded public sector final salary pension scheme and the shelving of innumerable initiatives, however well intentioned.

The concentration of all parties’ efforts is required for economic and environmental survival. Most people don’t expect the government to have all the answers but they do demand honesty and action. Unpopular decisions will have to be made and presented clearly not shrouded in indecipherably constructed rhetoric and diversionary accounting methods.

We will do our part if you do yours?

Poll x