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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life of Crime?

Dear Ivor

Iain Dale has published an open letter to Mrs Carolyn Harris (wife of Tom Harris MP), who has expressed fear for herself and her children if MPs’ addresses appear in the public domain. She appears to be suffering from a “fear of crime” and perhaps needs to put things into perspective. Most British people are good, law abiding citizens who wouldn't dream of ever turning up on an MP’s doorstep.

Harriet Harman and stab vests unfortunately spring to mind. Living undoubtedly has its risks, although the alternative does seem a little less attractive. According to the British Crime Survey the most serious violent crimes against the person have actually decreased since the mid 1990’s and are similar to the rates 25 years ago. Strangely this is not reflected in people’s perception of the risk of crime which has increased. These figures are also supported by the Office of National Statistics.

Why don't people in the UK feel safe? We could place the blame at the tabloids scaremongering doorstep, however when MPs themselves want to conceal their addresses from the British public, it only adds to the conspiracy theory that they know something we don’t know. So triple lock your doors and view everyone with suspicion, because therein lies safety and not a little servitude.

Poll x