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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making Waves

Dear Ivor

Alex Dolan, the supply teacher who secretly filmed unruly behaviour in classrooms, has been found guilty of misconduct.

I have watched her Despatches footage again with a deep sense of despair, even more so now that money in all areas of public expenditure is severely under pressure, or has even been cut completely. It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling totally helpless, however there is something that we can all do. We don’t have to stand by and let the system fail our children, a lack of education has a knock on effect on the whole of society from crime, employment, general aspirations and health and well being. We can all do something to assist our schools, whether it be with small financial covenants or with volunteering our time, and yes I know a CRB check would be required, or by continuing to register our complete dissatisfaction with an establishment that allows a GCSE science class to be subjected to at least 26 supply teachers, as Alex Dolan revealed.

The government promised us better education, better health services and a fairer society; however with the burden of debt that we are saddled it is extremely unlikely that this can be delivered, even in the long term. Watch out flying pigs!

Although it is attractive to relinquish responsibility and by implication accountability for our children’s education to a legislative body it does need to be a partnership. We cannot stand at the school gates and grumble if we are not prepared to sometimes assist if the school is struggling or officially complain where there is indifference or negligence.

Making waves may be a bit scary, but when your child’s well being is at stake what the hell!

This is certainly a time for thinking outside of the box; education does not begin and end at the school gates and our attitudes as parents and carers of young people to education matters a hell of a lot.

We do have the power to make things better and in these times of cash shortage a bit of innovative thinking would not go amiss. Where is our blitz spirit? We can’t let the buggers get us down!

There will undoubtedly be gems within our communities that can really make a difference.

Poll (thinking positively!) x