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Tuesday, March 10, 2009



I'm spending the day at the allotment. I'll get more sense out of a pile of compost.

Could someone out there in the blogoshere do a simple compare and contrast of the manifestos for each party. I'd like to know if any of them have a plan. Labour could certainly do some 'lessons learnt'. Conservatives...well, it's all 'tit for tat'.

I've blogged off in exasperation from Labourlist....because they are NOT LISTENING! I refuse to resort to shaking my bells in defiance and singing LA LA LA LA LA LA LA at them. So I've dumped them for good. Let me know when they've reinstated democracy.

As for Nick Clegg....I'm in contemplative mode. Do the Lib Dems do Saving the Planet, Electoral Reform and a Democracy that Works? If so I may take a closer look at their manifesto.

Meanwhile I'll spend some peaceful hours festering amongst the vegetables!

Ivor X

PS No I didn't mean the politicians...I like my vegetables...they have more moral responsibility!