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Monday, March 09, 2009

Meglomania Rules OK?

Dear Ivor

How you managed to link the outmoded conveniences of your local pub with proportional representation is beyond me! I could enter into a puerile slanging match into the logistics of gender bodily functions, necessitating the removal of several layers of clothing or the mere operation of a zip, however I have taken into account your fuggled condition and decided against this. Anyway am sure that the enforced exercise was beneficial and the cold air may have momentarily brought you to your much needed senses!

Am sure Leila Deen is not alone in feeling that she had no recourse other than to take direct action, and is indicative of a increasing sense of despair at the fingers in ears attitude of our politicians, people are shouting unheeded from checkout queues to online forums at the political decisions being taken in our names.

Leila’s action undoubtedly did attract far more press coverage than the less reported peaceful Convention for Modern Liberty, despite it attracting 1500 people in the London venue alone and hosting a high profile list of speakers.

Direct action however does carry with it a huge risk that the object of condemnation could emerge as the victim and illicit far more sympathy than deserved. The seemingly small step from klaxons to custard also feeds the underlying paranoia in politicians, giving more weight to their argument that they should be protected from public contact in the form of both words and deeds.

Proportional representation would be a huge step for our politicians, the division of power between parties, rather than single party domination, does require the alteration of an entrenched mindset with an inherent leaning towards megalomania. However even they must recognise, if we shout loud enough, that the current system is being held together by bureaucratic sticky tape and creaking tradition.

Nick Clegg, an advocate of proportional representation, whilst outlining his plan for the future has made reference to bankers saying. "When doctors and teachers do something wrong, they're barred from working. Disqualify them now." Can we suggest he should promote the same penalties for our MP’s?

Please note however Mr Clegg the electorate are in no mood for games. Beware of low flying confectionery.

Poll x