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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Point of Interest.

Polly, you're back....I've missed your sparkling wit and that no-messing ability to put me firmly in my place!

Many points been taken on board. And I promise to be less grumpy and show more humility. Sorry if I offended the leading lights of blogdom and yes I recognise a certain greenness to my pallor. Damn them! Oops...there I go again.

Talking of points.....I have been putting my finances in order. After raiding under the mattress I have carefully wrapped up my global economy in one very small, organic handkerchief (Dick Whittington style) and am off in search of an ethical bank....but not to London. No cynicism remember, I'm serious and I think I may have found one. I was hoping for your balanced opinion and financial expertise. It's called JAK Bank and has been operating in Sweden for donkeys years. A bank that lends money at an interest rate of 0%. Sounds too good to be true. Thought the top financiers that are trying to sort out our British economic stability might fancy a little gander too. That is assuming they are not all teacher training....

Now I have a dilemma....cycling to Sweden (good beer), or staying at home and watching the Italian game (more beer). You may find me off line or at least incoherent for a while! What's new?

Let me know your thoughts, although after this weekend I may have nothing left to invest!

Happy thoughts,

Ivor X

PS Points mean prizes!