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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Political Blagging!

Right That's It!

Does Leila want some rhubarb to facilitate the forthcoming debate with Baron Mandy? Rhubarb, rhubarb that it? Our politicians would prefer open, civilised debate with our adolescent pranksters? The revolting greenies may get in your face...but here's a few facts. We are not all adolescents, we are not all eccentric activists, we are not all incapable of lucid, persuasive debate, we don't 'get off' on risking legal action just for the hell of it and we are not all anarchical threats to government.

Some of us would like a quiet life, safe in the knowledge that our leaders have climate change in hand. But when you carry through a motion to build a third runway with a clear appreciation of the wave of plunge us all into despair and frustration. We can wring our hands in regret or we can throw cabbages. Most of us are too bl**dy British to do more than tutt....myself included. Damn rugby injury. God! I could scream at the whole patronising 'educated' lot of you who have the power and authority to change the world. Instead you argue, procrastinate, lecture, criticise.....and DO NOTHING!

Leila Deen's three minutes of fame played out the pathos of our political stagnation. The furor of commentary was about her methods not her reasoning. Are none of you clever enough to see the wood for the trees.....? Peter Mandelson, I respect your decorum and request for debate. When was environmental banter on your agenda? How many climate change gurus have you sought out? Whilst there is clearly economic reasoning in your Heathrow rationale, I'd prefer it if you saved the world economics is not the forte of our unelected government. You only offered debate after Leila Deen threw custard at you. Why don't you follow through with an open mind and real consultation with the people who are serious about saving the planet? We are not all activists...most of us are too cowardly. You might find yourself being persuaded by some educated scientists, entrepeneur, even the odd you dare?

As for political bloggers...we're a pretty yellow-bellied lot too aren't we? Guido with his outright vulgarity which keeps us all blogging on for more shock value. Iain Dale for his nicely packaged cynicism. Lobbydog for sniffing out the much loved gossip. Are we kidding ourselves? We are doing absolutely nothing to affect political decision making. We slate, moan, cuss, criticise...pat each other on the back, throw in some cynicism and comedy. But we are all as lily-livered and ineffective as those we lampoon. What is our own motivation? To be top of the political pops? Now you are there....what next? Iain and Guido...I'm talking to you? Ranting actually...because that's what bloggers do isn't it? How many people blog on to you daily? The politicians fear and envy the power you harness. But what chance is there of you translating it into some form of action to move this country forward. We are all churning out rhubarb....and letting the daffodils grow under our feet.

No, I don't know the answer. If I did, would you listen? Who are we prepared to take seriously if it's not our politicians or the Leila Deen's of the world? Who do you actually admire? Who engenders the qualities that inspire you to take note? What are the credentials that persuade you listen?

Our political leaders are university that the vital ingredient? Dr GB himself, Phd in History at Edinburgh, son of a Minister. Mr Cameron, Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, son of a long line of stockbrokers. Nick Clegg, Degree in Archeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, son of a banker. Is that how they got to these positions of power? Oh! And Peter Mandelson, Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, son of an advertising manager. Is this what earns them the right to be listened to but not to listen? This means they are right and others are wrong? Joss Harman, Degree in Politics and journalist for the Ecologist. Ummm, who else..Leila Deen, Degree in International Studies and Politics and writer for The New Statesman. Ahhh! But they belong to Plane Stupid don't they.....nevermind. Take off your blinkers. How many people who signed the petition against the third runway where university educated but too conformist to chuck custard? It's because we all cow-tow that our politicians can rail road democracy. So we are all as spineless as the governing power. High time we all actually did something....instead of slag something.

We can all carry on blogging out our self righteous character assassinations...but I yearn for someone to show me the way. I'm sick to the back teeth of our impassive acceptance of the crap that is our electoral system. Show me a leader that can drag us out of the quagmire? Be they entrepeneur, politician, environmentalist, German, scientist, minister, even financier (god forbid)....but for all our sakes...let them be an ACTIVIST.

Back to my composting....


PS Bring it on Jeremy Paxman. Leila and Mandy?