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Monday, March 09, 2009

PR and WCs


Why is it that invariably when you frequent a traditional country pub the Gents' loos are always outside? This is blatantly sexist. We have to humbly shuffle out into the cold and expose our manhood to the elements whilst the ladies enjoy a moment of relief within the comfort and warmth of the hostelry. Frankly, it makes no sense. Ninety percent of the people in my local today were men....and we all duly trotted out into the rain at regular, fuggle-induced intervals. It is not that I am bitter. I just thought that in this age of equality that the common sense decision would be to inconvenience the fewest.....that would be the handful of women whose admirable bladder control meant considerably less need to excuse themselves. Now if I had summoned up the guts to initiate a fair vote amongst the patrons of the day, would the outcome have reflected the proportionate representation? Would democracy have played out fairly....or would the local, all powerful WI have overthrown the mumbling male majority?

Funny how thoughts collide (much like the French front row), but whilst surfing the blogoshere, I later discovered an article by Polly Toynbee calling for electoral reform. It is now official...I am utterly in love....with Polly. Not you, I hasten to add, as I'm still bristling from your condemnation of Leila Deen's custard throwing antics!

I hereby declare that I will comment no more on Labourlist as it's a waste of blogging time. Whilst I am not a sneering intellectual, I am certainly a disconnected voter who occasionally decends into frustrated monologues about the 'roadblocks to democratic engagement.' Polly is spot on.....this is all wasted effort, for without proportional representation our votes have no chance of winning. We do need a choice closer to our views and Labour and Tory are not offering me an option. So where to now?

It seems Jack Straw also has electoral change in mind but it is even less proportionate than 'first past the post'! He openly denegrates Proportional Representation as it produces weak governments (ha ha ha), and advocates that we switch to Alternative Voting. I'll leave you to read up on this ludicrous system of voting whilst I consider my own personalised brand of campaign for electoral reform. Could Nick Clegg be my salvation or should I while away my evening working out how to make my vote count?

You're not in the WI are you Polly?

Ivor X