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Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Clanger

Dear Ivor
We must remain positive. We are not passive observers of our lives. I am not advocating storming the citadel as promoted by Prof Chris Knight, more of harnessing our own resourcefulness. Although a cliché, necessity is the mother of all invention, and we certainly need some of that now. Come off the allotment and start brain storming.

I am not being pessimistic when I say that the government is incapable of restoring the financial and environmental equilibrium to this country and I think that only through personal endeavour will we get through this crisis.

We can blame the bankers, Gordon Brown, light touch regulation and general greed, however finding a scapegoat does not resolve the issues. Throwing missiles at Fred Goodwin’s property diverts action into anger. We are all accountable for our future and before we look back with nostalgia at the past, even before this crisis happiness was not something we could boast a lot of.

We have created an ethos of entitlement that has paralysed our society, we have embraced legislation in favour of personal accountability and experienced fear instead of trust.

Initially I listened with some interest to the Michael Meacher and Fraser Nelson exchange on the Today programme, the first demanding that the bankers be held accountable for their avarice and the other recommending more leniency in order to attract the best banking brains. I couldn’t help but wonder if the best banking minds had got us into this dilemma perhaps we could do without them and Michael Meacher’s call for responsibility should start a little closer to home, the super clanger debacle for a start, but perhaps the odd £100 million of taxpayers money is of no consequence. The interview had no insight and was as beneficial as the bloggers puerile bickering on the daily politics show yesterday. A full debate on tomorrow’s “Put People First” march would have perhaps been too contentious?

Whilst concentrating on the bbc do you think they could do a find and replace on this article exchanging the word banks for government and save Alistair the trouble? Bound to need to use this text again in the future.

Poll x

Ps I’m not scared of Guido any more!