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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

University or Bust!

Dear Ivor

Sounds perfect, was hoping you were going to come up with something, otherwise I was preparing to go “off radar” with Libby!

Had James on the phone last night grumbling about his mounting debt at uni and by pure coincidence woke up this morning to the ongoing debate for the increase in tuition fees from between £4,000 to £20,000.

The latter figure seems astronomical and would need some justification. The general consensus amongst the majority appears to be a figure of approximately £5,000. From my limited experience in this field, there does appear to be scope for some courses to be condensed into a far shorter time scale and for a more business like approach to be adopted.

This may be at odds with the uni ethos of time spent honing social and drinking skills, but when faced with escalating debt perhaps the focus ought to be shifting to a more efficient degree process, with emphasis on quality not quantity . When uni attendance was free it was of no consequence if time was spent (dare I say wasted!) in the student union bars, with the little grey cells straining under the onslaught of both knowledge and alcoholic stupor, perhaps this is where our binge drinking culture is firmly entrenched into our young people?

A university year based on a school model may be necessary, however shouldn’t government in collaboration with university staff be investigating the alternatives, before shoving up prices for more of the same?

Wonder what the students think?

Poll (with ever increasing debt) x