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Monday, March 02, 2009

Wake up call

Dear Ivor

Whilst you meander home in defeat on your bicycle, beret at a jaunty angle and with the whiff of garlic about you, suffering no doubt from the odd reflux of Pernod, and muttering about Bastareauds, I have been thinking about the erosion of our civil liberties.

Philip Pullman has drawn together his own views in an extremely brooding article published in the Times online on 27th February.

As I read a cold shiver ran down my spine followed by an overwhelming desire to peer furtively out of the office window to see if I could catch a glimpse of a rogue telecommunications van, or failing that any vehicle with black tinted windows loitering suspiciously. Neither was obvious so breathing a sigh of relief I cranked up Google and attempted to locate instructions on “protecting your IP address”!! Unfortunately this proved slightly too technical and I abandoned the challenge in favour of a jot of realism.

It is too late for us, our surfing and blogging habits are already logged and no doubt your exploits have been the subject of many a closed cabinet meeting, don’t worry the minutes will never be released. In the last month alone there have been many articles from people like Stella Rimington, Charlie Booker and David Davis, to name but a few, attempting to get us to wake up and smell the coffee. On Saturday a Convention on Modern Liberty was held across the United Kingdom organised by Henry Porter, hoping to spark a political movement based on this issue.

A further glimmer of light on the horizon is the involvement of students from UCL who are adding their rap to the hum of dissent around the country. The co-ordinated mobilisation of all student bodies in support of civil liberties could provide just the wake up call we require.

Here’s hoping the next generation of politicians are not too fast asleep. Better make some strong coffee.

Poll x