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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where do we go from here?

To my long lost and dearly beloved friend Polly,

It's true...I have lost the faith. Can one actually resign from a virtual political arena?

Contrary to knitting circle tittle-tattle....I have not been drying out at 'The Priory', nor embellishing my leadership skills with a dabble into the dark mysteries of NLP! Instead, I have been conscientiously making up for lost time comparing the merits of Paradise Ale, Grouse Beater and Hogshead....ending up with a keg of Old Peculiar and no dignity. No change there then.

At the hiatus of the banking fiasco, I was compelled to take a sabbatical and withdrew from the showbiz glare of our newfound blogdom. It was corrupting me. I found myself egosurfing at odd times of the night with wild abandon...the shallow revelry as profile hits soared. Enough. My moral compass was out of control.

Having taken time to reflect and stoke the small embers of integrity that were so deeply buried, I felt truly invigorated and ready to return to real life...but to what?

No more tirades Polly.

Yes, it certainly is criminal. And I am ashamed of the filth, greed and corruption that rains down from above. Ironically, Gordon Brown once uttered these words:

I sense a new spirit in Britain: that the people of Britain want this massive demonstration of generosity to be given enduring purpose.

Do you think he foresaw that the wanton pilfering of taxpayers money by politicians might catapult the nation from wisteria to histeria?

What? Out of revolution comes great change? Piss the nation off totally then re-establish trust, democracy and a new political system of which we can be proud...just like that? ''Sorry, we've behaved badly, it won't happen again''.... we deserve better.
So where do we go from here?
How do we extricate ourselves from this quagmire of political inepititude and resurrect a political governance of which can be proud?

Jotted a few ideas down on the back of my London Pride beer mat:
  1. Gordon Brown to stand down as Prime Minister.
  2. All politicians proven to have behaved criminally in the expenses debacle to be sacked.
  3. All politicians considered to have behaved immorally 'in the eyes of the public' to resign.
  4. The rare breed of honest MPs to retain their posts and be proud.
  5. The aforementioned minority to pause for a contemplative huddle and manful pats on backs...(look steely and determined.)
  6. Write a proper constitution at long last.
  7. Radically reform the electoral system.
  8. Introduce proportional representation.
  9. Savagely cut the ridiculous number of posts.....six hundred and how many...I feel a lightbulb joke coming on.
  10. Bring on a general election...NOW.

Hey Ho...sorted!

Well, perhaps. Not quite. What happens then? Who the hell do we vote for? Ah Hah! Gottcha....

Ivor X

PS I highly recommend woodland life. Let me know when the dust settles and there's a general election. Give Aunty Gladys a big kiss and tell her not to be seduced by Gurkha supporting, celebrity politicians....unless it's us of course! Back to my coppicing....