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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is there anybody there?

Dearest Ivor

I am not yet deterred by the lack of a substantive reply. I was going to adopt the Nigel Farage approach however realised that it would be lost on you, as you have a somewhat casual relationship with your appearance and the opinion of others at the best of times. Being unable to stir you into action by appealing to the, somewhat slumbering, political beast within you I will attempt a more philosophical approach.

As a nation what type of people have we become? We give more air time and column inches to the breakup of the Cole’s marriage than to humanitarian crises in the world. Why is this? Are we so shallow or just anaesthetised? Our interaction with the world exists for the most part behind a glass/plasma screen which bombards our senses with multiple visual and auditory stimuli without the effort of having to leave the comfort and security of our own homes. Instead of experience we settle for observation and detachment. Apparently the average UK viewer watched television for 3.75 hours each day last year. With an additional 30 hours each week also spent online,that accounts for another 4 hours a day. What is this doing to us? Is this simulated social interaction making us apathetic towards genuine relationships and stunting our ability to communicate in the real world? Whilst watching the pixel people we can experience joy, sadness and horror in the space of a matter of minutes, even the news feels it necessary to end on a feel good factor, as if the audience couldn’t cope with dwelling for too long on the negative aspects in the world beyond the screen. Our feelings are switched on and off without time to extract meaning, to develop understanding and to dwell on consequences. Our attention span is ever decreasing, as perhaps is our empathy?

It’s only a thought Ivor……..are you out there?

Poll xx